Camille Rose Naturals Haul + Why I'm Back on the CG Method

Hey lovelies! So if you've been following my FB page or my IG (and really, why wouldn't you? The links are on my homepage!) you'll know that I recently indulged in my product junkie tendencies and bought a bunch of new stuff from Camille Rose Naturals. They had a sale on their site, and for two days all of their products (yes, ALL of them) were $10. This was kind of huge because Camille Rose is known for being a relatively pricey brand. Their hair gel is $22, and most of their butters and creams are in the $16-$20 range. Getting those products for $10 was a total steal.  


Now, I dislike haul videos and posts on principle. Too many of them are made with the sole purpose of the blogger in question bragging about how much money they have or how many cool things they bought. I didn't buy a massive amount of products, and I'm not here to brag about how much money I spent. I'm sharing what I got because I plan on reviewing most of these products at some point, and because I splurged on them for a very specific reason...this brand is pretty much entirely Curly Girl Method friendly. And lately going back to the CG Method has seemed like a good idea for me and for my curls.

I stand by what I've said in previous posts. Silicones are not inherently bad for you or your hair, and if you want to use products that have them, your hair won't necessarily suffer for it. However for me, the harsher shampoos that were required to remove all those silicones were doing a number on my hair. It also didn't help that my hair was drying out while I was going through a very cold NYC winter. I retained a lot less length than I would have hoped for because of this. So I'm going back to what I know works to keep my hair moisturized without having to use anything harsh. The CG method is how I started my natural hair journey, and I think it's how I'm going to continue it for awhile. I'm also coloring my hair in the near future (stay tuned for details!), and I would never use sulfates on colored hair because it would strip the color and further dry out hair that has been damaged by bleach.

With all that said, let's get on to what I actually purchased!

Almond Jai Twisting Butter -- I've been using this for a long while, so this is the only product in my haul that I had used prior to purchasing. I have lots of experience with this one, so it's likely to be the first product of this list to get reviewed.

Curlaide Moisture Butter -- This is similar to the twisting butter, but functions as a moisturizer rather than a styler. I needed to this to replace my silicone filled moisturizer from TGIN.

Algae Renew Deep Conditioner -- I've heard mixed reviews on this one, and at regular price, I wasn't willing to risk it not working on my hair. On sale,'s at least worth a try.

Marula Swirl -- This is one of their custom blend deep conditioners. If you follow the brand on Instagram, you'll occasionally see these jars being handed out when they do pop up shops and other events. It's not always available on the site, so when I saw it was in stock, I decided to try it and see what all the fuss is about. It seems to consistently be in high demand.

Ginger Vanilla Body Butter -- The only product I bought that isn't hair related! My skin is very dry, and I decided to experiment with using body butters instead of lotion in the hopes of giving my skin an extra dose of moisture.

And there you have it! As I said before, my "haul" was relatively small compared to most. I'm so looking forward to playing with all of these and sharing my experiences with all of you! I'll also be working on posts related to coloring my hair and how to care for bleached natural hair. This will be my third time bleaching my hair, so I've got some experience on how the process works and how to do it without destroying your hair.

Which Camille Rose products are you excited to see reviewed? Do you have questions about coloring natural hair that I might be able to answer in an upcoming post? Let me know in the comments and on the Facebook page!