Day 8: Wash Day and the Wonders of Satin


Hello all, and happy Hump Day! :) Hope you're making it through this (freezing!) week in one piece.

Yesterday was my first wash day since the second big chop, and I've got to tell you, I loved how quick and easy it was! A scrub here and there and some conditioner in the shower, and I was all done! It also dried in a decent amount of time so I could go to school without catching the flu!

Styling continues to be relatively easy as well. I'm still experimenting with a loofa sponge to get more curl definition in the top part of my hair. It'll be interesting to see my curl pattern in more detail as the hair grows.

I also bought satin pillowcases for me and mom, to keep our hair nice and moisturized while we sleep. Mine is (of course) pink, and sleeping on it has been fabulous! I feel so lush even though I only spent $8!

Speaking of Lush, I went to their store in Manhattan to do some skincare shopping. My face is on full display now, so my skin might as well look good! I already have some of their toners and moisturizers, but I bought their Coal Face scrub for the mornings when I'm prepping my face for makeup. So far it's really good! If you want a full review, I'll write one in the next few weeks. Just let me know in the comments!

I've also been having lots of fun with makeup and jewelry. It's nice to add to my look and to play with my overall sense of style. Who knew cutting my hair would lead to so many changes!

The cut has been a universal hit so far, and my boyfriend, who finally saw it in person yesterday, couldn't stop touching it. He was surprised at how curly my natural hair was, and how it had the similar soft texture of his Puerto Rican hair. I was enormously flattered!

What surprises did you encounter when you went natural? How did others react?