Day 7: Styling the TWA

Hello, lovelies! Today was a really good day. My initial shock over my new hairdo is quickly subsiding, and in its place is excitement over the start of this fabulous journey. I've been researching how to care for my hair in preparation for when it grows back, and there are some habits I know I want to maintain early, even though there's hardly any hair to care for right now. The biggest thing is to consistently wash and condition the hair at home since I won't be in a salon for a long while.

I'm learning very quickly that styling depends largely on how your hair curls, and that I'll have a much easier time with all of this if I work with my texture instead of against it. Right now, the hair in the front of my head stretching back to the crown is very curly and thick. It looks best sticking up rather than slicked back, and with lots of gel to enhance the curl. The hair on the sides of my head and towards the bottom, which is shorter, doesn't curl quite as much yet, and looks best when I flatten it down a bit so it looks uniform. This can and will change over time, but this is my hair as it stands today.

Also, here are some products I'm loving...and unfortunately a couple I'm leaving behind. All are from the drugstore because I didn't want to shell out massive amounts of money on something I was 100% committed to at the start. I'll try to use up what I've got, even the products I'm not thrilled with, and then decide what to keep and what brands to upgrade.

Love It:

Shea Moisture Curling Gel Soufflè

This stuff is FABULOUS. It does a great job of curling the curly bits of my hair and keeping the rest uniform, and it lasts all day. I hope this still works when my hair is longer, because it has the potential to create great wash n' go curls!

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner

Noticing a trend here? Shea Moisture is a big hit with my hair! This conditioner is super moisturizing and leaves my hair nice and soft. I'll get back to you on whether it detangles my hair well when I have more hair to detangle!

...Leave It:

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Coil Moisturizing Soufflè

This does NOTHING for my hair. It adds a little moisture, which other products do just fine, but it doesn't give me the curls and coils it promises. It just...sits there. And sometimes it takes awhile to dry and creates a goopy, yellow mess on my hair -- not cute! I'll try to use it up, but it's definitely not a favorite.

I'm trying not to buy too many things too quickly, so that sums up most of my hair collection at the moment. I'm a product junkie in most cases, though, so there's sure to be new things added in as time goes by.

In other news, my grandma saw my hair for the first time today. She was shocked, after having done my hair most of my childhood and helping me grow it, to see that it was all gone. But even she had to admit it was a nice cut and looked good on me, so everyone left the conversation happy. It helped that I'm learning to rock this look with nice earrings and a new go to makeup look, so the overall effect is very polished. I feel more like a woman now when I step out the door, and less like a young girl. Maybe that's a good thing all around. I hope it doesn't fade as the hair grows back.