Day 6: The Big Chop Got BIGGER!

If you thought my hair was short when I hacked it off with my yarn scissors a few days ain't seen nothing yet. IMG_2165

Oh. My. God.

My mom and I went to see my stylist today at her apartment. After getting over the initial shock of my choppy, short hair, she resolved to make sure I left looking better than I did when I came in. She told me the hair would have to be short -- very short. I said, "Sure, cut as much as you like!" I'd never seen myself with super short hair, had no concept of it on my head. And I'd already big chopped. How much shorter could it go, after all?

It turns out quite a bit! It's SUPER short now, but there's a little extra length at the top front of my head (kind of like a VERY gradual mohawk), and that's the space where my hair seems to be its curliest. I added a little gel when I got home and voila! My look was complete.

With makeup and the right accessories, I can still feel feminine even with this new cut. This is a huge change for me. There's not much I can do to style it until it grows out, so I will be dealing with very low maintenance hair after having had high maintenance hair all my life. My goal during this time? To fall in love with my hair again. To learn how it grows, curls, kinks, twists, behaves. What products does it like/dislike? I am on the first few steps of a great journey, and I know I will come out of the other side of it a better, healthier person.