Day 3: Flexi-Rod Set Results!

I scoured YouTube last night looking for advice on flexi-rod sets for natural and transitioning hair. I got loads of results, and after being a tad overwhelmed, I looked over a few well done vids and summed up the key things that were relevant to me:

  • My hair needed to be wet, or at least damp, in order to properly set the curls.
  • Smaller rods create tighter, shorter ringlets that last longer.
  • Larger rods create looser, longer waves, but it won't last as long as the smaller rod sets.

Luckily I had both small (pink) and large (purple) flexi-rods left over from previous hair exploits as a teen, and i dug them out from the bottom of one of our closets. I decided I wanted long lasting, tight curls, so I went for the pink rods and avoided the purple. I had already washed my hair on Day 1, the day I decided to transition, so rather than rewash too soon and strip my hair of moisture, I sprayed each strand with water from an old spray bottle that used to be perfume to make my hair damp. Then I added me curling creme, and wrapped each strand around a flexi-rod. I put on a silk scarf, and off to bed I went.

Like most of the transitioning styles I've tried so far, the results were...mixed. I didn't get the defined curls I had hoped for, but I did get a really cute look just the same. Here are some photos to give you an idea of how it came out:


The relaxed part of my hair seems to look stringy and "off" no matter how I style it. This is making me more inclined to Big Chop, but I know that decision requires a bit more thought. It's very hard to imagine myself with a TWA (teeny weeny afro) because my whole life I have aspired to long, straight hair. This movement to natural, this return to the hair God gave me, is very emotional because I have NEVER accepted my hair, so much so that I do not remember its natural texture at all. It was always pressed, braided, pulled, or permed.

I know I will have to let go of my obsession with length in order to embrace the beauty of my hair as it truly is, but it's a process, and after all, I am only 3 days in! With time, I know I'll get there. I can't wait until I see Jazz (my stylist) on Saturday to discuss my options. No matter what happens, it'll be a big day!