Day 2: Rockin' the Braid Out

Hello. lovelies! Last night I greased up my hair and put it in some messy braids overnight in an attempt to continue to adjust to having curly hair. I noticed on one of the (bazillion) YouTube videos I saw that one girl put rollers on the tips of her transitioning hair to keep the ends together. So, I took satin covered sponge rollers and did the same thing, rolling just the tip of the braid where the strands were starting to separate. The next morning, the results were something like this:


As all natural girls do, I had to sacrifice some length, and being someone who was always been OBSESSED with her own long, luscious locks, seeing my hair get shorter as I curl it is driving me crazy. It did look cute though, and lasted all day. Tonight, I sprayed my hair with water, used my curl crème, and did a flexi rod set. I'm super excited to see the results tomorrow, but it's a comfort to know that even if I hate it, I'll be home all day and won't have to worry about impressing anybody!

In direct contrast to my above statements about my obsession with hair length, a big part of me is fed up with my relaxed hair. I want to see how my natural hair curls -- I haven't been natural since age 12, so I don't even remember what my real hair looks like! I'm impatient to get those long, thick waves I see on the bloggers, but I know that takes years of hard work and patience. I'm considering The Big Chop to expedite the process, and will probably be back and forth about it up until I see my stylist next week. I'm sure she'll be able to give me some good advice on what to do with my hair over the next year.

That's all for now, except to say I'm having a lot of fun writing about my journey, even if it seems painfully slow and it seems like no one's even listening. It will be so great to see what this blog looks like a year from now, and more importantly what my hair will turn into.